Cover artwork by Jordan Bell

Codename: Knight Ranger
Book 1: Knight Ranger Series

Released: May 2015

Price: $6.99 (paperback)

Former U.S. Army Ranger, Captain Alexandre “Neal” Du Bois and his unit were ambushed by enemies while serving in Afghanistan. Due to an extremely rare genetic anomaly, Du Bois survived, despite losing all of his limbs, and being devoid of all senses. He was revived and given a new bio-engineered body, courtesy of BioTech Head Researcher, Dr. Avery Clarkson. Clarkson worked under the orders of Elijah Bishop, Director of G.E.N.E.S.I.S., an international, clandestine, U.N. supported organization dedicated to keeping the world safe from human, superhuman and preternatural threats.
Du Bois awakens to discover himself in a superhuman body which is owned by the government and must fight to rediscover his place in the world, hold on to his sanity in a world he learns is far more dangerous than he’d ever imagined. His family and the world at large believe he died to protect his country and it must remain that way. Du Bois is given the codename: Knight Ranger and is employed on missions to protect his country and the world from threat both human and preternatural.

Codename: Knight Ranger takes place from a span of time nine months prior to the beginning of The God Killers and just after its conclusion. That said, you don’t need to read my other books to enjoy Codename: Knight Ranger. 

***Parental Warning***
This book contains very little profanity, mild violence
and no sexual situations
Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Click the paperback link above to purchase your copy TODAY!

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