John F. Allen is loose on the streets of Indianapolis and he’s considred to be armed (with plenty of stories) and dangerous (his tales will tantalize and possibly terrify) you for sure!. A BOLO has been issued, as he’s been known to spin a yarn or two in a cornucopia of genres including:

  • Action Adventure
  • Afrofuturism
  • Sciene Fiction
  • Steamfunk
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Spyfunk
  • Sword & Soul
  • Mystery
  • Horror

John F. Allen is an American speculative fiction author perhaps most known for his best selling novel, The God Killers: An Ivory Blaque Novel (2013), as well as these other tomes: Codename: Knight Ranger (2015), the follow up novella, Codename: Knight Ranger The God Particle Conspiracy (2016) and his short story collection The Best is Yet to Come (2019). These titles are being re-published starting in 2021 by Hydra Publications with (NEW COVERS!) and under the imprint The Ivoryverse, the name of his literary universe, along with the sequel to The God Killers titled The Conclave: An Ivory Blaque Novel.

He also has several other indie projects in the works, such as:

  • An Afro Futurist Space Opera
  • An EPIC Sword & Soul novel
  • Novellas introducing NEW characters to The Ivoryverse
  • A book of poetry
  • and MUCH MORE!

By the way, here is an extremely convenient page containing John’s book catalog with clickable covers and sorted by series (CLICK HERE!)

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Urban Fantasy

The first novel in the Ivory Blaque series is The God Killers, which intruduces readers to, New Orleans native currently residing in Chicago, Ivory Blaque. She is a reformed art thief and current gallery owner, who is also an art recovery agent. She along with her friends and Chicago’s lycan elite, attempt to unravel the importance of two Civil War era pistols she had been hired to recover, as she is pursued by the vampire lord of the city and a mysterious player from her past. It evolves into a race against time as to whether Ivory will survive the inhuman forces she faces.


John’s novella series, Codename: Knight Ranger, is soon to be re-released in a novel length, novella collection. It features US Army Ranger Captain Alexandre Cornelius “Neal” Du Bois, whose unit is ambushed in Afghanistan while on a top secret mission, and he is the sole survivor. With nearly 80 % of his body destroyed, Neal’s unique cellular annomalies make it possible for him to be reborn with a bio-engineered body, by a shadowy government organization, G.E.N.E.S.I.S. (Global Espionage Network of Supernatural Intelligence & Surveillance). His body is claimed ex-parte by G.E.N.E.S.I.S. and forced to embark on covert missions at their behest. All while he copes with the loss of his unit, his NEW body and its superhuman abilities, as his family believes him dead.

Captain Alexandre “Neal” Du Bois returns in a follow up novella which transports him to Berlin. He is forced to work undercover with a former military scientist harboring secrets from his past, while seeking to recover his stolen technology which in the wrong hands could destabilize Germany and most of Western Europe. Neal faces foes with formidable abilities, as mysteries and secrets held over from World War II are brought to light. As Knight Ranger, Neal must push his NEW body and advanced weaponry to the their limits, while preventing an internatioanl coup which would irrevocably undue the political progress made in Germany since the war ended almost 80 years ago.

A Collection of Tantalizing Tales

The Best is Yet to Come is more than a collection of nine, multi-genre stories set within The Ivoryverse, it’s his personal catchphrase and a statement to encapsulate the level of commitment John strives to achieve within his work. The collection contains: a haunting ghost story, an autobiographical tale, a love story set in feudal Japan, a science fiction story, a Sword & Soul story and MUCH, MUCH MORE! This will serve as the first volume in a series of short story collections which contain tales of various genres across The Ivoryverse!

The Shared Ivoryverse – Blue-niverseSkye-verse

In the short story titled, “The Legend of Matchemenedo,” Rebecca Burton, a character created by John’s fellow author, business partner and friend, R.J. Sullivan, makes a special appearance. That said, do yourself a favor and check out his titles at


Also, in the short story titled, “An Ivory Christmas,” John’s heroine from The God Killers, Ivory Blaque, meets up with The Transit King, an awesome character created by another of John’s friends and talented author E. Chris Garrison. So, check out her work also at,

The Two Towers Talk Show

John and his friend, fellow nerd, and awesome author R.J. Sullivan, co-host The Two Towers Talk Show, a small but growing YouTube and Podcast program. The Two Towers Talk Show features movie and TV reviews, creator interviews, and nerdy nostalgia discussion. NEW episodes air on Mondays and Wednesdays and any interview episodes air on Fridays. 
The Two Towers Talk Show website.  
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Remember…The Best is Yet to Come!

I want to personally thank everyone for their interest, support and time. As an author, I immensely enjoy getting to know my readers and interacting with them, whether through conventions, social media or email. I hope I haven’t bored you too much and that you enjoy my books even a fraction as much as I enjoy writing them. Feel free to email me directly at, with any correspondence you’d like to share. Stay safe, and remember…THE BEST IS YET TO COME!