Hey everyone! I will be starting a weekly series of blog posts featuring Black Authors in honor of Black History Month! The posts will start on Monday, February 17th through the end of the month. In March I will resume my weekly posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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2 responses to “I’M BACK!!!

  1. Hallo, Hallo Mr. Allen!

    🙂 I look forward to seeing your posts! I always loved to celebrate Black History Month! I always would try to find out new information about the lives of those I appreciated knowing, such as Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and of course, George Washington Carver! (my favourite inventer & scientist!) I knew more about Carver than I did da Vinci, of whom I learnt a heap about in my twenties! Inventors & innovator thinkers challenge not only our perceptions but our understandings!

    I *love!* history, always have, but I like reading & researching the diversity of history of all people and all cultures. I even would chide my schools for lacking in materials during the celebration! I tried to lead the way! 🙂 I still wish there were more writers who write diversity in their stories but in an organic way rather than in a way that doesn’t feel natural. I always write my own stories to include all the lovely souls I have known throughout my life. I even have one story from the outlook of an Indian (from India) whose sorting out her life in a beautiful coming-of age tale. We all have so much to give to each other.

    I will see you on *Monday!*, Mr. Allen!

    I am planning a lovely celebration on my blog next year,… this year I ran out of time to pull everything together! Therefore, I’m planning & organising my posts for a year from now! I’ll be ‘early’ in 2015! Cheers!

  2. Thanks Jorie! I agree and I also appreciate history and always find a way to incorporate some of it in my writing. I would like to read your story. If it’s already out, point me to where I can obtain it. If not, let me know when I can. 🙂



    John F. Allen

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