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The Imaginarium is almost here! This EXCITING, first annual event starts Friday, September 19th, 2014 and runs through Sunday, September 21st, 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Louisville International Airport. There will be an assortment of authors, artists, filmmakers, poets, gamers and other creators.

I’ll be moderating several panels (see below) and I’ll also have a table in the vendor hall to meet, greet, sell and sign my novel, The God Killers! I won’t be alone because fellow Speculative Fiction Guild members and Seventh Star Press authors R.J. Sullivan and E. Chris Garrison will also be present.

I will also be hyping up my novellas and short stories published through Mocha Memoirs Press and Pro Se Productions as well!

Hours the vendor hall will be open are:

Friday: 3pm to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 7pm
Sunday: 10am to 5pm

I will be located in the Vendor Hall, when I’m not on panels. Check out my schedule for when and where I’ll be during the convention:

Friday 5:00 PM The Big Reveal – Plot Twists are an important part of mystery writing. Ever wonder how to keep yours from sounding trite or goofy? Come talk to our experts about how they establish and reveal twists and turns in mystery settings without being corny. Moderator: Tony Acree Panelists: John F. Allen, Tommy Hancock, Christopher Kokoski.
Saturday 9:00 AM The Evolution of Urban Fantasy – Panelists experienced in the growing Urban Fantasy genre talk about the evolution of the genre and how both their work and the work of their contemporaries fits into the grand scheme. Moderator: John F. Allen Panelists: Marcia Colette, Missa Dixon, Addie J. King.
Saturday 12:00 PM Paranormal Romance vs. Urban Fantasy (M) – A common misconception among readers is that Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance are the same thing. While this can be true, there are very distinct differences between the two. Our authors discuss those similarities and differences to help you distinguish between them. Moderator: John F. Allen Panelists: Missa Dixon, Nicole Kurtz, Jettie Necole Angelia Sparrow, Pamela Turner
Saturday 6:00 PM Racial Lines in Romance (M) – Authors and editors discuss how to properly execute an interracial romance scene without being trite or offensive. Moderator: John F. Allen Panelists: Marcia Colette, Maddie James, Annie Jones, Nicole Kurtz, Kimberly Richardson
Sunday 11:00 AM Urban Fantasy: The Gateway Genre –  Let’s face it, Urban Fantasy is a huge trend and a growing portion of the Speculative Fiction realm. Our panelists discuss how the rise in Urban Fantasy has changed the sci-fi/fantasy landscape. Moderator: John F. Allen Panelists: Marcia Colette, Allan Gilbreath, Nicole Kurtz, Tim Waggoner.
Sunday 12:00 PM Pulp Fiction 101 (M) – What is Pulp Fiction? This panel will cover the history of pulp writing and how today’s trends differ from the stories that started it. Moderator: John F. Allen Panelists: Earl Dean, Andrea Judy, Sean Taylor.

***(M) denotes when I’m Moderator.

Other events may be found here:

There will also be a Film Festival at the Imaginarium!

If you’re free and/or happen to be in the Louisville area, stop by and check us out!

Remember TBIYTC (The Best Is Yet To Come)!!!

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