Review of Arrow (Season 3, Episode 7, “Draw Back Your Bow”; Airdate: 11/19/14)

Hey everyone! Welcome to my weekly series of blog posts, which will review the following Comic Book Themed TV Shows:

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  • Constantine

I will be giving my TOP 5 Moments in the weekly episodes, Easter Eggs (if applicable) and my predictions for future episodes and seasons (also if applicable)!


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Arrow (Season 3, Episode 7, “Draw Back Your Bow”; Airdate: 11/19/14)




When an Arrow-obsessed serial killer, Carrie Cutter aka Cupid, leaves a trail of murdered criminals in her wake, Ollie must race to stop her. In her psychosis, Cupid is convinced that The Arrow is her one true love and continues her murder spree to get his attention. Meanwhile, Felicity is asked to accompany Ray to a work related dinner thrown by important clients. Thea clashes with a cocky DJ when she holds auditions for Verdant.







Top 5 Moments

  • Enter Cupid! Amy Gumenick as Carrie Cutter aka Cupid was a great introduction to a crazy character with a manic fixation on Arrow. Her obsession, let alone her fighting skills and prowess with a bow, make her a very dangerous adversary. She appeared in the comics as a former Special Forces soldier who was experimented on and granted superhuman strength as well as mental instability. For the show, it seems they toned things down a bit and made her a former cop with mental instability issues. This works for the show and I’m not really trippin’ on the change from the comics, as it’s the mental issues which most define this character. I like how Oliver pretty much dumped her on the doorstep of A.R.G.U.S. as a potential Suicide Squad member. This hopefully means we’ll be seeing her again in the future.
  • Ray-licity! I don’t have a problem with this relationship, as it allows for the show to follow the true mythos of Green Arrow, as he is destined to be with Laurel Lance aka Black Canary. This also gives viewers a stronger glimpse into Ray Palmer and allows Felicity to have a life after Oliver. I think there is a burgeoning chemistry there and it will be interesting to see how their relationship develops alongside his evolution into the role of Atom!
  • Dwarf Star Alloy and the Atom suit! I had a mini Geek-gasm when I saw the holographic image of the Atom suit. I’ve been waiting on this since the character of Ray Palmer was first introduced. They were true to the comics costume colors (red and blue), while modernizing the look and feel of the suit. It seems much more functional and techy. I like this aspect of it and can’t wait to see Brandon Routh “Suit Up” in it.
  • Katana in action! There’s nothing like seeing a badass female protagonist with a sword! From The Bride in Kill Bill, Lady Sif in Thor to Michonne in The Walking Dead, Katana is in EXCELLENT company. We get a glimpse into who Tatsu is and what transpires to help her develop into Katana. I look forward to seeing more of Katana as the season progresses. So far, the fight choreography for this show has not failed, imo.
  • Enter the Boomerang! I have been looking forward to the introduction of Digger Harkness aka Boomerang, or Captain Boomerang as he’s known in the comics. He was always one of my favorite members of The Flash’s Rogues Gallery. This is a great set up for the upcoming Flash/Arrow crossover.

Easter Eggs

  • Sherwood Florist! Arrow and Arsenal This little Easter Egg is from the comics and harkens back to the days when Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance moved from Star City to Seattle. Dinah owned a flower shop called Sherwood Forest. Ollie and Dinah lived in an apartment above the shop. This was an obvious play on the Robin Hood mythos and its influence on Oliver. They used the florist as their base of operations while they lived in Seattle.
  • Dwarf Star! In the comics, and apparently on this show, it is the Dwarf Star matter which gives The Atom his shrinking abilities. I was GEEKED when this was dropped towards the end of the episode. This just means that we’re that much closer to seeing Ray “Suit Up!”


Despite the buzz about “No Powers” on Arrow, it appears that Ray Palmer aka The Atom, will be suiting up here on Arrow. I personally don’t have a problem with this at all. Barry Allen was introduced on this show and he’s set to make an appearance in crossovers, so I don’t see the BIG deal.

I also see Tatsu aka Katana, resurfacing in present day (probably towards the end of the season) to assist Team Arrow with the League of Assassin backlash which is sure to come. I wouldn’t be surprised if the catharsis (the murder of Tatsu’s husband and son as it is in the comics) is tied to the League, which would put her at odds with them in the present and solidify her alliance with Team Arrow. I don’t think Katana will be a permanent member of Team Arrow (I don’t think they’ll need to make room in the Arrow Cave or anything), but I’m hoping that she’ll be seen at least once or twice each season as the show progresses.

Finally, this isn’t a prediction, so much as a suspicion. All you fans of the comics, please bear with me. But,Thea’s NEW DJ is a young man named Chase, who I’m wondering isn’t either Adrian or Dorian Chase aka Vigilante. I know there’s nothing to be revealed yet for this to be a logical conclusion, however given the track record of Arrow, in terms of introducing and developing NEW characters from the comics, this wouldn’t surprise me if it in fact came to be. I suppose only time will tell.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this episode. I am glad that the flashback storyline is moving forward and it was AWESOME to see Rila Fukushima own the role of Tatsu Yamashiro aka Katana. I like the direction this plot thread is headed and I can’t wait to see Katana in action during the present day. I think that this episode is a tipping point towards the future of the show and I’m totally diggin’ it!

I give this episode a solid B+.

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Review for Arrow (Season 3, Episode 6, “Guilty”; Airdate: 11/12/14)

Hey everyone! Welcome to my weekly series of blog posts, which will review Comic Book Themed TV Shows. I will be giving my TOP 5 Moments in the weekly episodes, Easter Eggs (if applicable) and my Predictions for future episodes and seasons (also if applicable) and my Final Thoughts!


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Arrow (Season 3, Episode 6, “Guilty”; Airdate: 11/12/14)


Plot Synopsis

When a body is found hanging from the ceiling in the Wildcat gym, the main suspect is Ted Grant. An argument between Oliver and Laurel brews over Ted training her and his innocence. Flashbacks reveal that Maseo requires Oliver to recall where China White’s informant stashed vital information. Tatsu is asked to assist in jogging Oliver’s memory. Roy is forced to share the details of his dream secret with Felicity.

Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 pic 1

Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 pic 2

Black Canary 1


Top 5 Moments

  • Ted Grant is revealed to have been Wildcat! Even though comic book fans knew from his given name that Grant was Wildcat, this episode confirmed that he spent time as a vigilante.
  • Oliver finds out that Laurel have been training with Ted! I knew it would come out eventually, but I’m glad it happened sooner, rather than later. Oliver is just going to have to deal with it, but it will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.
  • Roy remembers! I had always suspected that the dreams that Roy was having were tied to him killing the cop, while under the influence of the Mirakuru and not that he actually murdered Sara. However, now that he remembers that he killed a cop, I wonder what sort of effect this will have on his crime fighting? Will this be the catharsis for him to pull away from Oliver?
  • Laurel will not be deterred! While I can understand the reasons why Oliver wouldn’t want her to be trained, I’m also glad that she has made up her mind not to listen.
  • Cupid arrives! I am excited that there’s a crazy lady in Oliver’s life now. The character is bound to shake things up a bit. To learn more about Cupid, click the link:

Easter Eggs

  • When Roy and Oliver are talking, Oliver suggests that Roy take on the codename, Arsenal. This is the actual name he used in the comics and hopefully it will stick. I’m glad that they decided on Arsenal, over Speedy (I think that will be Thea’s codename eventually…hint, hint!) or Red Arrow.
  • When Oliver was fighting Ted in the storage unit, he put a boxing glove on the end of an arrow and shot it at Ted. Boxing Glove Arrow! This is something I’d been wanting to see and it was worth the wait. Fans of the comics will understand all too well, but this particular type of trick arrow is a staple of Green Arrow.


I think that we haven’t seen the last of Wildcat. Ted Grant needs to shine and be the independent, uneasy ally that Oliver will at some point need. Plus, I doubt that Ted will let Laurel go out on her own without being her back up. I also think that the Wildcat suit will receive an upgrade. Not really sure how they can pull off the mask without it looking silly, but here’s to hoping that the try.

The animosity between Oliver and Ted was perhaps planted so that when Laurel debuts as Black Canary, we’ll have a Batman and Robin meets Green Hornet and Kato moment between them. I’m actually looking forward to this. I like that other characters are being introduced. Hopefully, they will eventually introduce a few, if not all of the following characters on this show:

The Question

Doctor Mid-Nite

Manhunter (I know Mark Shaw was already introduced, but I want him suited up)

Mr. Terrific


Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

The Guardian (Jim Harper)

Richard Dragon

Black Spider




David Cain

Lady Shiva

…to name a few

Final Thoughts

I’m pleased with the changes we’ve seen in Laurel. She coming into her own finally and it’s about time. Of course there’s the obvious reason that she is to become Black Canary, but also because it marks an independence for her as a character, someone who isn’t in need of rescuing. I hate damsels in distress, that’s so played out.

While I enjoyed this episode, it was disappointing that Ted Grant didn’t:

  1. Have better fight scenes.
  2. He didn’t suit up

I know that may just be the fanboy in me, but I’ve always liked the Wildcat character and had hoped to see more action from him. As I mentioned above, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Wildcat and it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up working with Laurel when she’s ready to assume the role of Black Canary.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. I give it a solid B.

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Review for The Flash (Season 1, Episode 5, “Plastique”)

Hey everyone! Welcome to my weekly series of blog posts, which will review Comic Book Themed TV Shows. I will be giving my TOP 5 Moments in the weekly episodes, Easter Eggs (if applicable) and my Predictions for future episodes and seasons (also if applicable) and my Final Thoughts!


So, if you haven’t seen the week’s episode, DO NOT READ THE REVIEW! I’ve broken it down by show, so you can skip reviews of episodes you haven’t seen yet, or don’t intend on watching. The blog post for the prior week will be posted the day following the episode’s airdate or at least sometime by the end of the week. Reviews for prior episodes than what’s current, will be release sporadically until I’m caught up.

The Flash (Season 1, Episode 5, “Plastique”; Airdate: 11/11/14)


Plot Synopsis

Following an explosion in downtown Central City, U.S. Army General Wade Eiling commandeers Central City Police Department’s investigation, much to Detective Joe West’s chagrin. This leaves Joe suspicious, so he tells Barry to work with his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs to look into the Army’s involvement. Eiling is known to Wells, who informs the team of experiments Eiling conducted on his own soldiers to transform them into Super Soldiers. Cisco is able to determine one of Eiling’s soldiers, Bette Sans Souci, was present at the bomb site. The Flash is able to track her down and soon realizes that she’s not a bomber and is instead a meta-human with the ability to cause objects to explode on contact. Meanwhile, Joe discovers that Iris has been writing a blog about “The Streak,” and asks Barry to stop her. However, when Barry realizes Iris refuses to stop writing about him, he decides to pay her a visit as The Flash.

Plastique 2

Plastique 3

Plastique 1


Top 5 Moments

  • We have Plastique! I was very excited about this character appearing on the show and from her first scene it was on! I think Kelly Frye did a GOOD job of portraying the character and I could have seen her coming back for future episodes. Her apparent death was one thing that kind of pissed me off about this episode. (see Final Thoughts)
  • General Eiling is introduced! I’ve always liked this character and wondered if he would show up someday, when S.T.A.R. Labs was introduced in the Arrow. I thoroughly enjoyed the iteration on The Justice League Animated Series and find the similarities here very refreshing. Clancy Brown is a FANTASTIC actor, both on screen and as a voice actor. Despite his somewhat limited number of scenes, he has the acting chops to make his presence felt even off screen. A little Clancy, goes a long way…and I can’t wait for more!
  • The Flash running up the side of a building! I always loved seeing this effect/speed application in the comics, but seeing it on the screen was TOTALLY AWESOME! It’s amazing how far television special effects have come over the past thirty years.
  • The Flash running on water! Just when I geeked out over him running up the side of a building, I get even more geeked out by seeing him run on water! This was another AMAZING effect and I’m so glad that it looked as cool as it did.
  • Grodd! I almost freaked out when he was shown in the very last scene of the episode! I am so stoked to see how they develop this character and the story line utilized to do it. It would be so WICKED if they got Powers Boothe to voice Grodd for this show, as he did for the Justice League Unlimited Animated Series.

Easter Eggs

  • Cameron Scott. Dedicated comic book fans may recognize this name, as it is the alias used by none other than, Captain Atom! I like that this opens up the possibility for him to appear in future episodes/seasons and gives General Eiling a GREAT reason to appear again as well. Growing up, Captain Atom was one of my favorite characters, even when he was still with Carlton Comics, before he wound up with DC Comics. I would love to see him on the small screen, along with other former Carlton Comics alums, Blue Beetle, The Question and the villains, Punch and Jewelee!
  • Harold Hadley. This character was a member of the Captain Atom Project and a member of the Manhunters. He first appeared in Captain Atom #1 (1987). With all of these characters related to the good Captain showing up, it makes me wonder if he isn’t too far behind. Inquiring minds want to know!
  • General Eiling and Wells were in on the experiments which led to the creation of Gorilla Grodd. This isn’t an Easter Egg, so much as a reveal. However, the fact that Eiling eventually becomes a version of “The Shaggy Man,” is too cool not to mention.
  • Barry discovers that his Super Fast metabolism prevents him from getting drunk. Despite Caitlin’s attempt at providing 500 proof liquor, he only gets a buzz that lasts less than a minute.


I could totally see Plastique coming back, as her powers could have her reconstitute herself, as we don’t know the full extent of her abilities. I know it may be wishful thinking, but with comic book characters, more outlandish things have happened. Either way, I’m still invested as DC Comics builds its small screen universe. Like McDonald’s, “I’m lovin’ it!”

It’s obvious that Grodd escaped when the particle accelerator exploded and that eventually he’ll show up in the future. I could see him controlling an army of apes like Caesar in “Planet of the Apes” and exacting revenge on mankind for what was done to him.

Captain Atom is coming! I think there were far too many nods to this character for them not to introduce him at some point in the future. I have to admit, when I first saw the trailer featuring the villain Girder, I actually for a split second thought it was him. I think it would make for an awesome storyline to have Captain Atom being forced to work for General Eiling and having to have an Atomic Showdown with Firestorm, sometime after he’s been introduced.

I expect to see quite a few more heroes and villains from the Flash, Captain Atom and Firestorm mythos, now that this thread has been presented. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I think that a lot was revealed and with the introduction of General Eiling, his ties to Wells and the fact that there are other meta-human test subjects/villains forthcoming, we will be seeing quite a few introductions in this season alone, not to mention future seasons, as I’m pretty confident this will be renewed for next fall.

What I wasn’t very happy about was Plastique’s death. Even though I mentioned my suspicion/wishful thinking that she may appear again, there is no guarantee of that. If she doesn’t resurface, I think this was a waste of a really good character, a good actress and good potential storylines for the future.

Also, I’m growing tired of Joe, Barry and his team keeping Iris in the dark about his dual identity as The Flash. I hope they reveal it to her by end of season at the latest, because this “Lana Lang Syndrome” (clueless love interest, who doesn’t know the hero’s true identity or that he’s in love with her) is getting old really fast…no pun intended. Don’t get me wrong, I like Iris’ character and I think Candace Patton does a good job of portraying her, but I want to see her as more, unlike how Lana Lang was interpreted on Smallville.

While I enjoyed this episode and with the exception of the two gripes I mentioned, I have to give this episode a B rating. Had they not killed off Plastique, this would have easily been an A or A+.

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Review for Gotham (Season 1, Episode 8, “The Mask”; Airdate: 11/10/14)

Hey everyone! Welcome to my weekly series of blog posts, which will review the following Comic Book Themed TV Shows:

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  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • The Flash
  • Arrow
  • Constantine

I will be giving my TOP 5 Moments in the weekly episodes, Easter Eggs (if applicable) and my predictions for future episodes and seasons (also if applicable)!


So, if you haven’t seen the week’s episodes, DO NOT READ THE REVIEW! I’ve broken it down by show, so you can skip reviews of episodes you haven’t seen yet, or don’t intend on watching. The blog post for the prior week will be posted on Monday mornings, so that most people have had a chance to watch the episodes.

Gotham (Season 1, Episode 8, “The Mask”; Airdate: 11/10/14)

Plot Synopsis

The Mask 3Gordon and Bullock investigate a murder, tied to a Gothamite who runs a deadly fight club for potential candidates applying for a position with his financial firm. Bullock demonstrates his loyalty to Gordon when the other cops refuse to help with the investigation. Penguin continues to manipulate the situation between Maroni and Falcone, to further his own devious agendas. Bruce returns to school and is confronted by a bully and as a result, is set upon one leg in his journey to eventually becoming the Dark Knight. Meanwhile, Barbara makes a “Not so shocking” decision, in regards to her relationship with Gordon.

The Mask 2

The Mask 4

The Mask 5


Top 5 Moments

  • Selina Kyle is back! After a brief hiatus, she is back in the fold. I’m interested to see how the dynamics of the relationship with Bruce develop. She is using Gordon as her “Get out of jail free card”, and it only makes wonder what DC has in store for their relationship as well. In this episode we find Selina burgling a fur store…IN BROAD DAYLIGHT ON A CITY STREET! No matter how idiotic the rest of the world thinks that was, Gotham’s Finest (at least the cop who told Gordon she was there and wanted to see him) thought so. I’d have to say that this is one of the dumber scenarios so far. Perhaps it was to speak to her inexperience as a cat burglar.
  • Barbara left Jim! I saw this coming a mile away to be honest. The chemistry between them always seems off to me, not just as characters but also as actors. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not. I suppose it was, because DC recently announced the coming of Leslie Thompkins as a possible love interest for Gordon. Hopefully, the sparks fly a bit farther with this coupling. I really can’t say that I was very fond of Barbara’s character from the beginning.
  • Bullock proves his loyalty to Gordon! After showing his ass for the first six episodes, Gotham’s most sarcastic and rude detective proves that he’s got his partner’s back. As a fan of the comics, I still find it hard to wrap my mind around Bullock being the senior man in their relationship and that they are peers. However, I have grown to like the dynamics between the characters and the actors. Donal Logue and Ben McKenzie are both talented actors and flesh out the complexities of the characters brilliantly. Here is where the REAL chemistry lies onscreen. I think it will be pretty interesting to see just how far the limits of their partnership and budding friendship is going to be tested over the course of the season.
  • Bruce punches the shit out of some bratty kid! I think that the development of Bruce Wayne has been very slow on this show. I’m not saying it should speed up necessarily, but I do want to see more of it. Besides burning his hand with a candle and putting together a corkboard of events surrounding his parents’ murder, we haven’t really seen any development of Bruce’s character. I think it’s very important that the show tackle the progression of his development from the orphaned rich kid to the Dark Knight. In this episode, we see him at his first day at school since his parent’s murder and right away, the school bully picks a fight with him. The bully taunts him about the death of his parents and finally, Bruce snaps and pimp slaps the kid. After an embarrassing explanation to Alfred, he is taken to the kid’s home where the rings the doorbell, the kid answers and Bruce proceeds the punch the shit out of him. I personally wasn’t really feeling that moment. It seemed a bit contrived and didn’t speak to the heart of the Bruce Wayne character, in my opinion. I’d have enjoyed it much more if he were defending another student or something a bit more altruistic. After punching the kid and grabbing pizza for dinner, Bruce and Alfred return home where he opens up and says that he liked the feeling that came from beating up the bully and then asks Alfred to teach him how to fight. Again, in my opinion it would have been better served if he had been defending someone else. I understand the goal of this story thread, however it comes off as being a bit heavy handed and self-serving. Not the makings for the hero we all know and love.
  • Favorite episode quote! “I’d give you a good cop routine, but it’s not in my tool kit.” This was a brilliant line from Bullock and speaks volumes of the character and Donal Logue’s ability to portray him. Kudos to the writers for giving us this particular line and here’s to hoping we get more like it.

Final Thoughts

The Mask 1I wasn’t particularly impressed with the portrayal of Black Mask. I wanted him to be a major player and not some “Villain of the Week” character. I think that Todd Stashwick did a decent job of acting in that role, but it wasn’t the “BIG BOSS” portrayal I was looking for and/or had anticipated. In the comics, Black Mask was portrayed as a tortured soul who exposed the deeper parallels for figurative masks worn by people to hide their true natures/feelings. This episode and its plot felt more like “Executive Fight Club” in the Batman universe. I feel that this was a wasted opportunity to integrate a deeper storyline and a waste of a potentially GREAT character to be used/explored in future episodes. Black Mask could have served as a foil for the uneasy Maroni/Falcone truce, had they kept him in line with his depiction in the comics. Instead of properly developing some of the villains they introduce, it seems to me that they’re just using them as filler stories with no foreseeable impact on future stories.

Also, the thread with Bruce at school really didn’t sit well with me at all (see comments above). Besides Bullock demonstrating his loyalty to Gordon and his AWESOME line (see comments above), I didn’t really take too much away from this episode in terms of entertainment value.

Overall, this episode, by far, wasn’t the best and while I didn’t hate it, I wasn’t impressed and in a way it was a bit of a letdown. I’m giving it a C-.

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Warner Bros. Pictures/Legendary Pictures/DC Entertainment

Directed by Zack Snyder

Produced by Christopher Nolan, Charles Roven, Emma Thomas & Deborah Snyder

Screenplay by David S. Goyer

Based on “Superman” created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster


There was a great amount of anticipation and tentativeness for me as I walked into the theatre with my family to see “MAN OF STEEL.”

I was a fan of Richard Donner’s “Superman: The Movie”‘ and after the horrendous thing which was “Superman Returns,” I was leery and at the same time excited to see where DC would take the character. It is in my humble opinion that Zack Snyder and writers David S. Goyer and Chris Nolan have delivered a Superman for a new generation with “MAN OF STEEL.”

Let me first say that this depiction of Superman/Kal-El aka Clark Kent was one which I found I was most able to identify with. We see a character who embodies what it might mean to be a stranger from another world, in search of their destiny. Although the film was a bit action heavy and dialogue light, you could feel (or at least I could) the emotions of the protagonist and somewhat relate to him.

The special effects and cinematography were quite extensive and brilliantly rendered. The scenes on Krypton were very much EPIC LEVEL SCI-FI stuff. The Krypton scenes were—in my opinion—some of the greatest things depicted in the movie. This vision of Superman’s home world was I think more in line with an alien environment than just an Antarctic backdrop which was what we saw in previous Superman films. We see an alien culture where the architecture, technology, costuming, creatures and architecture were much more robust and science fiction like than any from the previous films. I applaud the filmmakers on that.

The movie score—provided by Hans Zimmer—was very different than prior films, but I think that it was necessary to break out from the all too familiar John Williams score. While I’m a fan of the original score, the tone and atmosphere of MOS needed something more updated. Zimmer gave it a feel that was epic, solemn, tranquil, and at times thunderous when it needed to be—re-invented music for a re-invented hero.

Henry Cavill as Superman

Henry Cavill as Superman

As to Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman/Kal-El aka Clark Kent, it would be pointless to compare it to Christopher Reeve’s turn as the iconic hero. It would be like comparing Adam West to Christian Bale…not even in the same room. That’s not to diminish Reeve’s turn as Superman, which will always be magically classic for me and countless others who grew up in awe of it. I think that in this interpretation of Superman, it is apparent from the onset that Cavill OWNS THE ROLE! He embodies every aspect of the character and takes him out of what I call, ***“The Rocky Balboa Syndrome.” ******This is where the main character gets the snot beaten out of him within an inch of his life before finding his “GLOW” and defeating the villain/opponent.

It made sense that trained warriors from an alien planet would be more versed in combat than one raised on a farm in Kansas however, in this film Superman for the most part, gives as well as he gets. This was especially refreshing in regards to future films and a proposed Justice League film.

I must also say that despite being humble and introverted, Cavill’s portrayal of Clark Kent didn’t come off as the buffoonish caricature that was Reeve’s version. This was the one thing which I hated about the original Superman films. Even George Reeve’s Clark Kent had more swagger and that was the 50’s!

This film had breathtaking action, stunning visuals, commanding performances and albeit subtle nods to both the comic books and previous films incarnations. I feel that this film marks the return of Superman to the BIG screen and opens the door for other films about DC characters—other than Batman!

Michael Shannon as General Zod

Michael Shannon as General Zod

Michael Shannon (Premium Rush, The Iceman) was perfectly cast as General Zod. He portrays Zod with the intensity and relentlessness due the character and what we’ve come to expect from this fine actor.  I found that with this incarnation of Zod (no slight to Terrance Stamp’s performance) was easily more relatable and definitely much more intimidating. Here we have a former war hero genetically engineered to live for the safety, well-being and continued survival of his race, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! Unlike Stamp’s version who suffered from great arrogance, a case of Napoleon syndrome and simply wanted revenge because Jor-El sent him away to the Phantom Zone for being a murderer. There is much more to Shannon’s Zod and that was VERY refreshing!

Russell Crowe as Jor El

Russell Crowe as Jor El

Russell Crowe was also perfectly cast, as he embodied a similar air of aristocracy that Brando brought to the character in the original film, but also a “Gladiator,” flavor which spoke greatly to the spirit his son Kal-El would inherit. I’m so glad that unlike Brando and Reeve, Crowe and Cavill DID NOT share the same hairstyle!

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent and Diane Lane as Martha Kent

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent and Diane Lane as Martha Kent

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane gave admirable performances and Jonathan and Martha Kent. They fit into their roles and gave us enough emotion to suspend our disbelief. Of course Costner was born to play someone’s father after, “The Bodyguard,” while after pining after Lane in, “The Outsiders,” as a kid, it was kinda hard to see her as Martha Kent, but she pulled it off in the end.

The other performances were well executed and fit the film nicely I think.

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White

Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White was a decent portrayal. I didn’t get all upset that the character went from being white to black as others did. He was never anymore than a guy who yelled at his staff and smoked cigars to me. A city as BIG as Metropolis is bound to have a black person somewhere…everybody can’t be white.




Henry Cavill as Superman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane

Henry Cavill as Superman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane

To speak on what I think didn’t work with this film, was the casting and character development of Lois Lane. While Amy Adams is assuredly more appealing both visually and as an actress than Margot Kidder, she’s NO Teri Hatcher either. What I mean here is that Hatcher’s turn as Lois on “Lois and Clark,” was not only prettier, but she had a greater chemistry with her leading man, Dean Cain. I just didn’t feel the chemistry between Cavill and Adams. Hopefully in future films it can develop.

I also didn’t like that they failed to integrate more of the overall DC Universe into the film. They did to some extent (albeit sparingly). I understand why they were as tentative as they were about it (what if Man of Steel flops like Green Lantern), but it still would’ve been really cool to see, imo.

Another problem I had wasn’t with the film itself, but with critics of the film saying that Superman didn’t save everyone. Well re-watch the Avengers people, neither did they! Although it was more gingerly implied in The Avengers film than in Man of Steel, let’s be real here…PEOPLE DIED IN BOTH FILMS!!!

Comparing the human death toll of both films is so inherently asinine and preposterous that it should go without saying. THIS IS FICTION! None of this is real because I can assure you that had it been, you’d have seen a lot more deaths and there wouldn’t have been a damned thing Superman and The Avengers combined could have done about it!

I digress…

I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED MAN OF STEEL! I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Superhero films, although I warn you….THIS AIN’T YO DADDY’S SUPERMAN!

I’m just sayin’….



If you haven’t seen the film, please don’t read any further! With franchise films such as this one, particularly Comic Book movies, I like to give my take on the sequel.

For Man of Steel II, I think that having saved the planet and acquired his place in Metropolis, Superman begins to patrol the world and safeguard humanity (particularly Metropolis).

Since LexCorp vehicles and the building itself featured prominently in the film, it stands to reason that Luthor has been observing the events in Man of Steel and is none to happy that some “Alien” is hogging the limelight and stealing away the admiration of the city.

Here is where I’d have Lex procure remnants of Kryptonian technology left behind in the battle between Superman and General Zod and his followers. He would of course use his considerable wealth to clean up the aftermath and destruction the battle caused, while playing devil’s advocate to whether Superman is a liability to the city in lieu of the vast destruction he left in his wake.

Lex holds a press conference and is interviewed by national talk show host Gordon Godfrey to speak on how Superman is a potential threat to humanity and cannot be trusted. Meanwhile, LexCorp is studying the Kryptonian tech and discover two significant finds.

1)     An artificial intelligence module (with three blinking red dots) beyond anything human scientists have ever conceived.

2)     A crystalline substance that emits an odd radiation.

Luthor reverse engineers the Kryptonian tech to create battle armor and sells watered down versions to the US Military. Special liaison Amanda Waller in particular is interested in seeing what this tech can do. She and her elite task force want to stock pile the weapons in case Superman ever goes rogue or there is another alien invasion (preparing for an alien threat from Darkseid perhaps?)

Luthor also vows publically to protect Metropolis and the rest of the world from the alien threat which is Superman. He selects the head of his private security force—John Corben—to head up a special task force to work with Metropolis Police in cracking down on the city’s crime and arming themselves against Superman.

Superman attempts to speak with Luthor and reach some sort of accord, but Luthor provokes him to use his powers against him and records the whole exchange. He then alters the footage to make it appear as though Superman attacked him and severely injured Corben. Luthor releases the footage to the news media and in particular Gordon Godfrey and soon the public sees Superman as the enemy.

Superman keeps a low profile hoping that things will blow over. Meanwhile, Luthor uses the Kryptonian tech to configure a metal endo-skeleton and the strange radioactive substance his team found as a power source to create a new body for Corben after he is lied to about how he was injured. This new body contains some level of Kryptonian DNA and gives Corben strength and endurance on par with Superman.

As a result of this new found power, Corben becomes increasingly unstable mentally and Luthor is no longer able to control him. He goes on a rampage and tries to take over the city. Superman confronts him and in the battle and during the course of the fight, Corben’s synthetic tissue is ripped away and exposes his power source.

Superman finds himself weakened by exposure to the glowing substance and is forced to retreat. The US Military arrives and using new weapons supplied by Luthor, are able to force Corben into fleeing.

Corben is on the run and Superman is dealing with the result of their confrontation. He goes back to his Fortress and attempts to piece together what happened. He soon realizes that what happened to him was the same effect he experienced when he first boarded the Kryptonian ship in Man of Steel. The substance was somehow tied to the environment regulators of the ship.

Superman approaches STAR Labs—who also procured some of the Kryptonian tech—on how to best defeat Corben. They have discovered that lead is the only substance which appears to neutralize the radiation emitted by the substance. The scientists at STAR Labs construct a lead based exo-skeleton armor (similar to the armor worn by Zod in Man of Steel) that Superman can wear during his next encounter with Corben.

Superman confronts Corben and eventually defeats him. He begins to question him about his involvement with Luthor when he self destructs. Superman takes the scraps which were Corben back to Luthor and confronts him. Luthor is dismissive and challenges him to prove his complicity in Corben’s actions. Superman cannot and is vexed.

Luthor tells Superman that together they could accomplish so much and nothing on earth could stop them. He offers for Superman to join him and Superman declines. He tells Luthor that he’ll be watching him and when he slips up he would expose him for the criminal he truly was.

Angered, Luthor tells Superman to leave unless he wants to be escorted by his private security force and have the incident leaked to the news media and a formal complaint made to the authorities.

Superman leaves.

Luthor goes down the basement of the LexCorp building and observes a large tube containing a young blonde woman cryogenically frozen. We also see the Kryptonian Artificial Intelligence with its three red dots blinking. He vows to unlock the secrets of Kryptonian technology and use it to rule the world.

This is the bare basics…of course Lois   Lane, MaKent and the Daily Planet would figure into the story.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think! I’d also love to hear your takes on how a sequel might go. Until next time remember TBIYTC (The Best Is Yet To Come)!!!