How long have you been producing artwork professionally?
I’ve been creating art pieces ever since 2012.I joined this on-line group called,
At what point in your life did you discover that you were destined to be an artist and how has your artwork resonated within the black community?
The year of 1995, senior year of High School I met a professor by the Name of John Wade who taught me to enhance my ability, once I grasped what he was saying it just became second nature. I taught myself how to spectrum and Color Theory est.
Do you create full time, or do you have another full-time job? What is your educational background?
I create part-Time because I work two full-time jobs but on my off days, I dedicate that time to my work. I’m a Certified Med Aid.
What medium(s) do you create with and is there a favorite?
Mediums, that I don’t have, but I would like to consider myself as Universal. I like challenges. Whether it is oils, Acrylics pencils or Watercolors I like to adapt.
What style(s) does your art take and what black cultural aesthetics do you incorporate?
Some People say that my style is different and Unique, for the most part I stand out on my own. I like all Cultures, not just African art.
Who are some of your biggest artistic influences?
My favorite Artists is Leonardo da Vinci, he helped shape the art world and saw it for what it was.
What inspires you to create and how important is it that your work encourage, empower and educate the black community?
I look at People, shapes and things I just picture what if? So I become curious and start to sketch and paint.
What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of being an artist and do you feel it is your responsibility to use your gifts and talents to inspire the black community and the world?
The end result of the Piece itself when it’s finished. Makes me feel good about my accomplishment.
Do you have a particular piece or pieces which stand out as your favorite(s)?
My favorites are Brazil, The Franchise Confrontation I have others just to name a few. Blues Man.
What does your creative schedule look like and how many hours a day do you create?
My schedule for painting is busy. I paint on my off days. How long it takes to finish a piece depends on the Size and how I am into the Piece.
How do you best meet the challenge of juggling your day job (if applicable) and/or your family, against your artistic career?
My Schedule is pretty busy for the most part I keep Calendar updates on the wall and iPhone.
Do you listen to music when you’re creating? If so, what type?
Music helps enhance my creativity smooth jazz preferably, takes to another dimension.
What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?
The most Difficult is keeping my Brushes clean because I have so many that I forget to clean them.
How many pieces have you created and how long does it usually take you to complete work on a piece/project?
So far, I’ve created over 250 Pieces I know the number isn’t much but it’s still growing.
What does artistic success look like to you?
The art industry tends to fluctuate back and forth but over the years I’ve been successful in my accomplishments. But the key is to keep painting and selling yourself.
How important is it that black creators work together to encourage, empower and educate the black community through their work?
We as blacks must learn that we must set an example for others and making it our priority.
What legacy do you want your work to represent and resonate in the black community and the world?
That I was self-taught and that I wanted to improve the quality of Life, help create new ideas.
What upcoming projects are you working on, which you can share with the readers?
I met this female guitarist ‘(Jackie Venson)” and some abstract work
Is your work exhibited in an art gallery? If so, where can the readers find it?
I haven’t presented my work in any Galleries yet because I’m working on a website
Where can the readers continue to follow your career? Do you have a website or blog? look for Sidney Holmes or google.