Indiana Comic Con 2015

This past weekend of March 13th through March 15th, the 2nd Annual Indiana Comic Con 2015 occurred in downtown Indy and I was there! It was a GREAT selling day for The God Killers and a GREAT promotion day for my upcoming e-novella, Codename: Knight Ranger!

Indiana Comic Con 2015 Pic 7While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet with one of my writing idols, comics legend and brilliant writer, Denny O’Neil! I had the honor of getting a photo with him and he’s an exceptionally nice, warm and genuine human being.

One more thing checked off of my Bucket List!

This was my first time at this event as a vendor and I would highly recommend it for other speculative fiction authors. The atmosphere was ripe with plenty of genre readers and potential, future fans. Registration and set up was a breeze and the event was very well organized and HUGE!

I also had 5 Free, hand made nail polish by Akira Lacquer on sale as well, with colors inspired by The God Killers! Click the link above to learn more and see the variety of FABULOUS nail polishes available!

My friend, 2-time Indiana, karaoke champion, Frank Smith III was also on hand, selling his memoir, Confessions of a Karaoke Singer and promoting his brand, the K.N.O.W. (Karaoke Ninja Outlaw Warrior) Warrior!

Please check out more pics below!

I will definitely be attending Indiana Comic Con 2016…SEE YA THERE & REMEMBER TBIYTC!!!

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