New Years Goals

The New Year is a time for introspection and reflection. We reflect on the past year and grow from the good and learn from the bad. Then, we look inside at who we’ve become and how the events of the past year have shaped us. Personally, I had a great year in 2012. Sure, there were ups and downs. There were times when it seemed as though nothing was going my way. I was irritable, I cried, I became frustrated and came close to throwing in the towel.
But, there were also times when it seemed that I’d struck gold. I met and acquired new friends, and gained a greater focus as it pertains to my writing. I made strides, both as a writer and as a person. I was happy, I laughed, I became euphoric and realized that I’d come too far to turn back.
I suppose, you could say that there was a yin-yang of events and emotions tied to 2012. Some years it seems as though things were worse than years past. However, the thing about the NEW YEAR is that it provides us with new opportunities and the chance to gain new experiences and apply what we’ve learned from the mistakes and bad times of previous years.
I gave up making New Year’s resolutions and replaced them with solid goals. I don’t want to focus my time and energy on fretting about keeping promises, I’d much rather focus that time and energy on reaching my goals. And if I don’t reach all of my goals, then I keep on reaching until I do. Developing a plan and working towards achieving your goals is more constructive than making promises to yourself, which you may end up breaking anyway. At least that’s how I see it.
I’m looking at 2013 as my year to shine! I have renewed my confidence in my writing, set my goals and I’m embracing who I am as a person. Will I have moments of frustration and self-doubt…probably, but I will also have the chance to apply all that I learned in 2012 to my life and strive to work harder and smarter towards my goals, how about you?

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